Krafthaus sister business OBD, specialises in helping its clients businesses grow their online profile. As OBD grows we need a project manager to coordinate work between our internal Design and Development Teams and present to the Project Director/Client.

A successful candidate would need to have experience in running projects to a deadline across web design and online marketing campaign work. Specifically these tasks will include:

Day to Day Tasks
  • Manage Project Workflows via Project Boards on Trello.
  • Work out clients requirements, e.g. objective of website/campaigns, communication message, brand messages / values, information to be provided on site, conversion aims.
  • Work out client assets (sitemap, brand assets, photography, written content, iconography, conversion goals, products) or migrating from existing site and adding new pages, features, responsive, mobile compatibility etc
  • Obtain client assets (brand assets, photography, written content) or creating a plan for this in the wire-frame as suggested in collaboration with designer. If client has no budget for written content, photography, then they can provide this themselves or we can help by sourcing stock imagery, effective stock video (background video) etc.
  • Working out if there is a good template solution already on market to will fit the client’s requirements or excel the clients requirements.
  • Once design is complete (PSDs, and or content from existing site or provided site content, or with lorem ipsum  or placeholder if still to come) then brief developers in a Team viewer session taking them throughout the whole site, any UX considerations, functions, animations, and answering any developer questions
  • Setting a reasonable time-frame for delivery with developers (usually 3-4 weeks) for simple site, will be longer for complex database, JavaScript and more web application type coding.
  • Directing journalists to create a content plan (Google Spreadsheet) if site content is mapped, but not yet provided, to pass to client to fill in and provide. Person is to review the content plan to ensure the instructions and logic is correct and clear for the client to load in.
  • Once or twice per week log on and meet in with developers, answer any questions and solve any problems.
  • Contact client to request any additional assets or confirm anything periodically, and update the client of the estimated expected completion date.
  • Create a site data migration plan if migrating old site data, or a hybrid of new content, and old data.
  • Responsible for the creation of application/ website/ information system that accordance with the specification of existing quality.
  • Building and maintaining client relationships – liaising, advising, delivering outcomes and managing expectations
  • Managing projects autonomously and with a multi-disciplinary team
  • Management of project outcomes to deliver against brief
  • Interpret a brief from a client meeting and translate this back to the team
  • Internal reporting on job costs and account revenue forecasts for ongoing planning and profitability
  • External reporting against deliverables and outcomes
  • Ensuring job processes are followed to the highest standard by project teams
  • Driving business growth within existing client base through strategic up-selling and resigning
  • Advising client on their business and digital marketing strategies