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The Team

The cool kids that make krafthaus tick

Don't let behavior of others destroy your inner peace

Muhammad Arief Widyananda

The Apple Fanboy
Black is the new white

Indra Ramdhani

The Mystic Guy
Arif Shodikin
Hello stalker, you'll found nothing here.

Arif Shodikin

The Giant
Ali Al Hadi
No one in charge of your happiness, except YOU.

Ali Al Hadi

The Mirror Man
Fuad Yusuf P
We are all rowing the boat of fate, the waves keep on comin' and we can't escape, but if we ever get lost on our way, the waves would guide you through another day..

Fuad Yusuf P

The Selfie Master
Believe in yourself and follow your heart

Yunita Kusumawati

The Korean Enthusiast
Andis Novianto
Whoever strives shall succeed

Andis Novianto

Mr. Green
Collect moments not things

Carrisa Ghassini

The Bubbly Girl
we hear and we obey

Dewi Maharani KU

Thalabul Ilmi
Silvia Noordiana
I'm a Victoria Secret model. It's such a secret, not even victoria knows

Silvia Noordiana

The seeker pleasure
Anadeta Dewi Primandaru Yekti
Happiness is real when shared

Anadeta Dewi Primandaru Yekti

Food Enthusiast
Ayub Imanullah
Start your day with praise & fill it with positive vibes

Ayub Imanullah

Human Coins
Eat, Work, and Fun

Iqbal Galuh Hartono

The Food Man
Good things take times

Vega Ryando

Work hard and be brave.

Rifyal Ka’bah

Combro 24/7
Don't forget to listen music everyday

Anna Devanti

Quiet Girl
be kind

Indra Gunawan

Survival of the Kindest
Introverted, but willing to discuss plants

Muhammad Yarjullah Hanif

Cat in a man suit
Chaos is just an undefined complex pattern

Widyoseno Suyud

bleeding edge insanity
When things change inside you, things change around you

Irma Astryani

Human Enthusiast
Never let anyone dull your sparkle

Erningdyah Ruth Armanto

The Gaesss
Being in the wrong place never helps you do the right thing.

Amanda Putri Septiani

The Watcher One

Retna Wahyu Wulandari

Woman 24/7
Do the action with good intentions

Fierda Pangestika

The Mediator
Hey ! Ho ! Let's Go

Cornellis Hutomo Suryolaksono

The 90s Kid
One step at a time

Putri Nadhira Saraswati

Little Explorer
Stay confident and everything will be fine

Nur Amalia Rahmadhani

An Ordinary Girl
Do not live to please others. This is your life!

Gisela Dara Ninggar

No Nick Name
Nothing is permanent, you change and you grow.

Hayyuannisa Wirakartika

Basic Human Being
Nice try!

Haris Tanone

Ingat kata bang Napi, "Kejahatan terjadi bukan karena niat pelakunya tetapi karena ada kesempatan, waspadalah! waspadalah!

Denny Widyatmoko

Anti Ponzi Enthusiast
Work hard in silence, let success make the answer

Muhammad Muslih Waskito

The Silent Man
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light

Sayudha Lukita Wibisana

The Lawful Evil Player
Time is the most precious gift

Bintang Christiyan Putra

Your Health is Your Wealth

Hellen Fatima Puspaningrum

The Cake Girl
Life Imitates Art

Gisela Marviani

A24 Movies Enjoyer
In life, never lose hope!

Misbachul Umam

Deep Ocean
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


Dota Enjoyer

Internship Member

Who contributes to our development team now and then

Ni Made Natya Prasanti

Graphic Designer Intern

Farhan Zain

Production Designer Intern

Dyah Rastika

UI/UX Designer Intern

Hellen Fatima Puspaningrum

Past Internship

Gerardus Majella

Past Internship

Muhammad Anan Mahardika

Past Internship

Hayyuannisa Wirakartika

Past Internship

Winda Khofifah

Past Internship

Dea Damarista Tarigan

Past Internship
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